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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spirits: a glass of wine

Criminy! Sorry for the WHINEY blogging drivel. Even though alcoholism runs in the family, I have been able to enjoy the relaxing feeling I get from a single glass of wine after a day's work. It can bring inspiration and subtle mellowness. Ya! I know, taken to the extreme, drinking can ruin lives, bodies, and families. Many religions outlaw it for the heedlessness consumption can cause. Others incorporate it into the service as a way of opening oneself to the Spirit.
I had to put it on my the list of 50 ways to find joy because I am getting burnt out at work... and when I get home, and have finished my chores, I reward myself with a glass of wine and a pause. It brings me joy.
5 x 4 inches: canvas, paint and collage SOLD
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