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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Money can be part of my Joy

I love earning a paycheck. I like being able to take care of things. So '"money" has to be on the list. Living without it can be miserable. Money makes us feel secure in the storms, and it certainly enhances the celebrations.

Lately I have had to spend more than I hoped just taking care of what I have, (see the eroding coastline in the painting). There is a finite amount of money left over (see the bills and coins). School ends soon, and many of my co-workers are getting temporary summer jobs. If I weren't so darn tired, I'd consider it. (Where is the hammock between the palm trees?)

So here is where I have to be careful to remember the joy of money is in passing on the dollars, and not gripping them tight in fear. I want to do more for my kids and my parents, who never ask for anything.  I don't have all the money I wish I had, but I do have enough to make peace with and spread some joy. What about you?

Money in the Brewing Storm, 5 x 4 inches mixed media on canvas panel,  sold!
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