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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

musical collages

The students, I've found, have an innate sense of the holy "elements and principles of art". As they compose mini collages in response to specific songs played in the studio, they alter their use of repetition, color and placement to give the feel of the composition.  My job is easy, I just have to impress upon their intelligence until it becomes a strong memory where each child feels that they can orchestrate, with precision and control, the interesting success of their artworks. They know how to do it when working in the creative zone, (which can be induced by listening to the same song over and over)... it's when they pre-label, or stop listening and start talking, that they become stuck and rigid and feel like failures.
This year I am going to control the zone more fully.
I'll show you the collages soon!!! Marvelous.
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