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Friday, August 10, 2012

Women's Studio Workshop

The workshop was Our Collages, Ourselves taught by Babs Burge, one of the founders of WSW.
Though I missed coming here the last 4 years, I have been learning new skills, (papermaking, book binding, printmaking, etc), through WSW for the last 20 years! I just love this place. They are awesome and fierce in their nurturing of creative souls. And they do it on a shoestring in a tiny building. I was excited this summer to witness the process of their expanding into and refurbishing the building on right- the morning I was there the cement trucks came to fill the basement foundation. It was a celebratory turning point from destruction to construction.
 I spent a lovely three days in Rosendale working from mid-morning to midnight. My workstation in the front room. Lots of light and a white cork wall!

 One of the surprising assignments Babs asked us to do was a white paper, no glue collage...

 Something to do, she said, if you're in the doctors waiting room... or the airport with only a piece of paper...

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