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Saturday, August 18, 2012

my room

I've a brand new room this year. New tables as well. Makes the place look spiffy.This year I will be teaching all high school and no more middle school. I will be teaching painting, drawing and mixed media. The classes can have up to 21 kids at a time. There is still a lot of shifting going on in the schedules. Even with a large class, it's not as bad as what other teachers in the public schools have to deal with.

I am counting my blessings:
1. a job
 2. new equipment, 3. a great art department, 4. a wonderful administration (can you believe it?!)
 5. lots of ideas, 6. wonderful polite students,  7. weekends to restore myself,
8. a new level of technology at my finger tips, 9. a custodial wizard named Delphina who cleans my room every night, and
10. a place to do what I love and what I feel called to be doing!
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