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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hunkered down for Isaac

I think we got pretty first tropical storm/ hurricane sighting since the move down here.
Not much drama.
The house is sealed with sheet metal.
Some tree limbs are down.
We've moved the small plants inside to keep them from drowning...
it is supposed to rain for at least a week!We even have a day off of work tomorrow. A lot of fresh memories for a lot of people of worse outcomes because the media keeps reminding us it is the 20th anniversary week of Andrew, and the 7th anniversary week of Katrina.
I'm terrible grateful that it hasn't been what it could have been.
I didn't want Isaac to hit Tampa Bay because my youngest son, and my mother, both live on the water. My fear now is that it will hit New Orleans where, among a gazillion good people, my other son lives and goes to school. My imagination runs wild. I try not to let fear stay too long. What is a mother to do?
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