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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh... a Sunday of sitting still

What a  lovely gift to have a day with nothing planned for it but a stroll through imaginary realms. 
I feel playful.
Perhaps the washer, in addition to being a circular visual element, is symbolic of cleansing ("washer") or of the space (such as an intervertebral disc) 
between a bolt and a nut. 
Connecting, yet on it's own (Nutty?)
Have a seat.
I feel connected and insightful. 
Painting expresses what I cannot find words to describe.
Collage is a way of making diverse and experiential connections. 
The rings, from an electric toothbrush kit, came in all colors and I had to deliberately not do the Olympic ring thing. They're color coded for identification purposes. What are they identifying? 
The veil that keeps them tucked in along the bottom portion of the painting is a visual 
of my cerebral world on a sitting Sunday.
 I feel full of joy. 
#27 in 50 Ways to find Joy, 5 x 4 inches, mixed media on canvas
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