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Friday, May 30, 2008

The house is trashed

7 x 5 inches mixed media on paper. There is a bright glare to the right of the can that really is a dark collaged strip of text ...but I do not have time to reshoot and load today.
I am trying not to feel persecuted. But there are mountians of laundry piled by the front door from my son's arrival, and he and his friends have left dishes by the sink as well as a scoured refrigerator begging to be filled. Tonight I have my cousin, the artist, Fuller Cowles arriving and I really want to relax. But even the hot tub is draped in discarded clothes and miscellaneous items. The porch floor is covered in maple tree flower petals, and I don't know where any bath towels are!
Did I mention my coloring book deadline?
At least I got this daily painting done- I feel a little bit better. I also have an idea- instead of an image of myself with many different hats (i.e roles to play), perhaps one of me under a stack of many different crosses?
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