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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inspiration by watching

I haven't posted in a while but I have been showing up for the Muse. The publication of a county coloring book in a couple weeks has me busy simplifying the lines of the countryside. It's been fun sitting in barnyards sketching the tractors and the spring lambs. My rooster escaped and when I choose to draw him it is only from windows into the thorny hedges that he models for me. Spring seems finally to have arrived- and with it many art tours and outside events. I went this past weekend on the CCCA open studio tour and to Mimi's place where her installations looked light and bright in her studio space. I was amazed at her thought process and have decided to purchase one of her smallest works. Try this link- I hope it works:
I also went with my eldest son to Beacon to see the art stars of the grafitti world paint banners to decorate the old electric factory. Lady pink was there, along with ElbowToe, Rita, and others... It was inspiring and informative to watch them work.
I will post images of the coloring book soon. Thanks for your patience. Have a colorful day!
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