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Saturday, October 10, 2009

NEST sculpture glass house

I was just playing...
wire from the attic heater filter, glue gun, Los Angeles Times...
It is like a glass house!
Today my youngest son has come home for a visit. He fills the place with music and balls. Basketballs roll off the dining table. A used stereo is fixed and installed in the living area. He plays the piano. We rake leaves and walk to the trees and pray. Then my wonderful son, with the idea and some bolt cutters, cuts four trees free from disturbing invasive (random) electrical wire wrapping them. It was hard work... the wire already cutting deep into their barks... the trees seem to grin at us with the dark polished gashes. We've worked up an appetite so now I am cooking... apples and sausage... a steeping fall meal. Today would be a fine day to live in a clear nest... words feather my soul. Who can say what tomorrow and the farewells will bring. I hope I can hold on.
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