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Monday, October 12, 2009

shadow nest

My sons have wings. I keep telling my heart to be still. It leaps and lurches and wallows. 
Put miserable Max on the plane this morning covered in poison ivy rashes. So much for feeling good about saving trees!
This nest image is a photographic "collage" of my woven branches from the yard, a heart sculpture I own of Pat Lasch's and then, just the nest and my shadow.
Found on the internet:
Pat Lasch describes her recent work as being propelled by "autobiographical urgency."  The domestic and personal have consistently been central to Lasch's work. She became known in the late '70s for wedding-cake-like sculptures embellished with acrylic paint squeezed from pastry tubes. She wrote a book with her baker father called If You Make a Mistake, Put a Rose on It. But a rose won't do the trick here: the sequence of sculptures with accompanying text penciled on the wall tells a sad story of marital unfaithfulness...
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