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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two tea cups to Toast some great artists

I spent a lot of the past week at art openings and studio tours. There were some things that deserve to be shared. I would like to propose a toast to Alison Palmer! If I had just one or two of her stoneware whimsical bowls I would be able to clear everything else out of the cabinets and feel very rich indeed. Right now her work is in the Hammond Museum's Goelet Gallery. My favorite was called "Chicken Boy"! I'd also like to propose a toast to Ellen Metzger O'Shea. Her Spring Hills Farm paintings at the Millbrook Winery Art In the Loft exhibition truly make you want to eat paint. They are luscious and so thick and glowing. I want to own one and just might scrape together the funds... its a good deal to buy art right now (hint hint)

Here is my Toast this Thursday:
painted paper- 16 x 12 inches. Under $100!
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