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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birdfeeder suspends over some sheets of ice

Gosh, It's freezing!
I MIGHT as well move out of my bedroom and into the woods. (The house feels cold enough!)
No, really I know I am lucky to have a roof overhead. It's just a fascinating winter land all around me. Rumor has it we have had over 53 inches of snow so far! There seems to be a ton of it. And another storm is coming day after tomorrow! Now we enter the mathmatics of where do we actually shovel the stuff? The roads are like bobsled luge runs with high walls and no visibility of intersecting traffic. The snow from the roof, when shoveled off, makes white mountains to the window heights. They press into the siding, the screens take a beating and ice leaks in through the woodwork. I already have bins catching water drips in the attic... it has slowed down today, but I'm not sure if its because we caught and plugged it- or because everything is frozen. (It is going to -1 degree tonight) Will there be a giant blue green glacier bursting through the roof and in the attic next time I go look?
Oh! I might as well just move into the woods!

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