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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oustanding in their fields, these events and artists take my breath away

Spent the last few days immersed in the Miami art scene. Dining on tapas with friends (rodeo star and god daughter of mine E Clavette) at the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. Elizabeth is one of "the hottest competitors in the mounted shooting circuit", (see interview), recently finishing 1/10th of a second behind the world record! She is healed from a fractured leg, and passing through Miami on her way to cruising the Caribbean.
Also I had to see and celebrate Michael's inclusion in the first annual Wynwood Art Fair, which was a lot of fun, some nice work, decent crowds, good galleries. I was fascinated by the video art this time. The presentation of which is incredibly varied, humorous and yet unique.
Saturday I helped him co-host another of his open studio nights at the Bakehouse. Sold another heart and made it a point to garner lists of places to eat. The food trucks were in the back- but I'm getting a little tired of them. They aren't necessarily cheap either!
Spent the next day rubbing elbows with the crowds at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. The food was OK. Two artists I have to mention were Jacqueline Roche with fabulous pastel paintings a little out of my price range, and William Kidd, a ceramic artist and award winning teacher. I love his prices too. He's on my wish list.
Seeing people work at the top of their field is inspiring. Seeing art all weekend makes me want to buy some!

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