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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Students and I plan a trip in paint

Whether nostalgic or surreal, these paintings have a cinematic feel due to the repetitive collage aspect. The assignment, after my own painting of New York City and taxis, was to paint a "collage" of 9 fragments of architectural interest into a whole and limit the color range to one third of the design. In that way I was hoping the kids would strengthen their abilities to use their eyes, understand the role of value, and design abstractedly.

The first was my example. I was inspired by the idea of passing through NYC on the way to our farm.
Here are 11 of the student paintings, out of 28.

By Francesca L.


Halle P.

Ilana, Brandon, Conner, Giorgia,
Danielle, Nicci, Dani, and Daniel.
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