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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photographing 3D work

 Today we had a visit from the famed photographer Tom Meyer. He shoots a lot of artist's works and demonstrated the set up of a budget/cheap yet expert resulting shoot.
 All the supplies he used are available at local hardware store. (white duct tape, map pins, Gater-board, tungsten utility bulbs, clamps, etc). This was perfect for us art teachers. We will have to shoot almost a hundred pieces before the AP judging. He told us how, when shooting flat stuff- like pastel pictures and glossy painted panels, to think like a pool player and angle the defusing foam boards to avoid hot spots and glare. And then make sure the lights aren't shining into the camera lens...which creates flare and "ghost spots".
 The new toy we HAVE to have is a Pantone Huey device to calibrate our monitors so that what we see on our computer screens looks like the same thing the AP board sees on their screens! Imagine that! Some are on ebay for $60.

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