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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today we took a turn judging actual work for Quality in the 2D portfolio exam. I was pretty close to the official results in my assessment. We then spent the day learning how to judge the breadth and concentration of a drawing portfolio. Ken showed us images of the actual process- held in a warehouse out in Salt Lake City... hundreds of "readers" looked through 45000 portfolios. Each portfolio holds up to 29 works of art. It is mind boggling. They work from 8-5:30 every day for at least a week- the main table leaders work for 14 days. He told us of a truck load of portfolios arriving just as everyone thought they had finished. A Mac truck load. I can imagine the groaning.
After sitting for several hours and "reading" sample portfolio's, Sandi and I got out in the evening and walked around Piedmont Park. What a beautiful place. There were historical plaques, as well as joggers and blooming plants.Tonight we are just chilling.

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