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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A printing playground in Wynwood, Miami!

 Last night I checked out the Fulwood Press shop on NW 23rd Street. The place is run by Louis, a master printer with YEARS of experience. He was encouraging, insightful, helpful, and quite funny.
For $25 you walk in and can play on anything, from etching to mono-printing, from 6pm to midnight! Last night while I was there three others came in...Two were working on dry point and acid etchings.

I am used to roller presses, but I loved playing with the lake Erie 800 ton hydraulic press.
 Since I hadn't been in a print shop in years, I started by mixing inks and working off a Plexiglas sheet, capturing ghost prints off the press. I really didn't have a preconceived idea, so these prints reflect my profound joy and gratitude for finding this place, and this time!

This guy, Gabriel, was also a first time player last night. His mono prints were off of cardboard, and very dramatic in nature. He is a video artist, but worked in Lithography at FIU where he graduated in 1996. I think he said he has a show in South Carolina coming up.

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