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Monday, December 17, 2012

Interesting work by spencer Tunick

Looks to me like blood seeping from the statue symbolizes the effects of historical precedent. The "blood' is really a mass of naked people. This work in particular speaks to me about the violence of our times in a most poetic way. I can't help but feel frustrated by the politics of this land.
 Is it true that most Pro-lifers believe they should have the right and may need a gun for self defense?
Lets hide behind the revolutionary call for freedom to bear arms. We should all be armed, and without question. After all,  "we can shoot first and let God sort them out later".
Spenser grew up in Middletown, NY and has not worked in NY for ten years because of threats of arrest. Seems these staged scenes of naked volunteers actually angers the American cities and towns he photographs in. Could he get shot? He has no problem in Europe.
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