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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Up all night with 100 9th graders

Tested my mettle and chaperoned another "lock in" bonding event at school.

Stayed up ALL night. Really really! Our lead adviser Maria organized most everything. She commands the army! Nine teachers play adviser to the masses of the grade. Unfortunately many teachers couldn't participate and so we ran with a skeletal crew and a few kind souls helping out.
The kids played outside capture the flag, and roasted marshmallows around a campfire that some parents set up. Inside we danced under strobe lights, played basketball till 5am, jumped rope, hula hooped, Xbox battled, drew a mural and watched two movies! It went better than I expected. I only wish I hadn't eaten so much pizza, potato chips, pop corn, cookies and sipped all that soda. I thought it would keep me awake...and maybe it did. But I imagine a lot of us felt a bit crummy today.
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