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Friday, May 30, 2014

Testing the texture of my days

With school wrapping up I am hoping to get even more time in the studio. I need it to remember who I want to be. It takes work to stay positive and a daily discipline to keep faith. Each day, I set aside time to pay attention. I look for miracles, pray, be grateful about all my blessings (both known and unknown), and ask for help. Keeping a positive attitude doesn't ward off negativity, in fact, sometimes I wonder if it attracts negative energy. I've been called "unrealistic" and "Miss Polyanna". Here I draw myself as Miss Faith... but, using a mirror, it comes out backwards. Somewhat as if I had missed Faith...
Tried to depict the popping braincells above me. I feel, with the workload, the deadlines, the heat and my health as though I am missing brain cells...
I am enjoying the large format drawing sessions... working out ideas and textures of thoughts.
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