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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wangechi Mutu at Moca

Her "fantastic Journey" installation is a treasure not to be missed! I must go back. This Yale grad, Brooklyn based, original, Kikuyu African artist knows material, technique and story! She puts together some awesome collages that defy the norm. Standing in front of her works you will be struck by the details, the surface, the layers, the colors and the incredible textures all woven together practically seamlessly into one powerful enigmatic image. Mutu infuses her labor intensive practice with the feel of PLAY. I got the feeling that this was an artist inspired and playful and the works she chooses to show have an extra lightness of someone knowing they are having a grand time making art.
Looking deeper into the glorious figures you are confronted with gut wrenching visual poetry and you become startling aware that these images are about global disparity, inherited trauma, violence, feminism, and war. Looking at the work feels like straining to see a car crash while speeding down the highway... you don't want to look, but you are attracted and the attraction is stronger than expected.
Mutu is one of those artists who changes the very way you look at the world afterwards! I now see "Mutu figures and surfaces" everywhere. It certainly inspires me to let go of pre-existing constraints and be surreal!The show is up through June.  MOCA: A fantastic Journey

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