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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Desperate for friends

Maybe it is against the condo association rules to put fliers up above the mailboxes. All the ones we placed last night have been removed. They haven't found (or do not care) about the one in the second floor laundry room... I'm going out again this evening, like a city guerrilla.
Of course, I don't actually want to invite anyone to the apartment, so this seems like a neutral meeting place. Up till now, we haven't met very many people in the building. Everyone keeps to themselves. I just bet (judging from dumpster evidence and balconies arrangements) that some of them are artists... the curiosity has gotten the best of me.
Anyway... I'll be in the pool Saturday evening, with a bag of snickers by my lounge chair. Don't want to look too obvious with a platter of nachos...

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