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Monday, January 18, 2016

MLK Boulevard

Woke up to a free day, off of work, in honor of the great Martin Luther King and I decided to explore the boulevard named in his honor, in north Miami. There are almost 700 MLK boulevards or streets across the USA. My son lives off of one in Sacramento! The Miami MLK Blvd. was also E 9th St and NW 62nd St.. I figure that the legacy of MLK is made concrete in the landscape by the boulevards named after him. There is still so much work to be done to fight inequality and racism in this country! The road started north of the airport in a corner of Hialeah, ran through the neighborhood projects of Liberty City, cut into Little Haiti and hit the Bay in Lemon City.

 Seems, as we got in the vicinity, we had just missed the parade!

 We had to go around, because it was blocked off by police.
 Families were unloading trays of hot food and setting up smoking grills on front lawns
Liberty City

Little Haiti

End of the MLK hits the water...nice Jaguar!
I am bad at taking pictures. There was a lot to see, fancy cars and gangs on motorcycles, pink sofas on the curbs with ladies selling conch salads, helicopters overhead...and next year I will try to get up there earlier to catch the parade. I'm glad the city was celebrating.

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