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Monday, January 25, 2016

Scholastic winners!!!!!

I'm so proud of our student artists! They brought home 3 silver keys, a gold key, and an honorable mention. The competition was strong this year. Everything looked good. Dash and New World dominated the show, and I am so proud our school could hold it's head so high in that competitive environment. Truly the kids have gifts, and they work hard. The work was done in class and on their own outside of school time... they are invested! They deserved this.  Late Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a packed awards ceremony of winners, their family and friends, and art teachers at the fabulous Rubell Family Collection, downtown Miami.
Crowd looking at 300 works of Scholastic winning artworks
It was an auspicious start of the year.
Alex's painting is in the middle...good competition!

Cant get close!

Stefani gets her Gold key
This years show at the Rubell is worth a visit. It is called No Man's Land- and includes over 100 women artists from the collection. I enjoyed checking out the galleries and, more than once, wondered why it takes a woman's show to see this work- wouldn't the works look good in a show of both/any sexes? There is a bit of shock value at the start, as women take on the body and display it with some cruelty, and several artists such as Marlene Dumas and Lisa Yuskavage borrowed images from the male gaze; from porn magazines and pin up posters as a starting point for their paintings. I loved the Jenny Holtzer's incised marble bench and Dana Shutz oil painting, Lover's.
Jenny Holtzer

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