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Monday, January 11, 2016

Rare peak offered with Anselm Kiefer at Margulies Warehouse Collection

Get ready to have your heart stop.
Kiefer's work, in mud, lead, photo transfers, and painted dried plants leaves you desolated.

There's a large room with a pile of paintings- stretches and rolled canvases- reaching to the ceiling. Interspersed among the layers are boulders, folding chairs, lead books and dried sunflowers. The palette is somber and ashes and pigment pepper the floor. It looks as though it is a life's work on display as rubble. I feel prodded to ask what becomes of all this STUFF we make.
 Kiefer is one of my favorite artists. He was born in Germany at the end of the world war and uses the language of destruction, rubble and loss is part of the fiber of his childhood. Words scrawled on the wall, (for example a whole series "illustrating" Romanian Jewish Holocaust survivor Paul Celans's poetry is part of the show), and visceral media such as tar and straw put the work outside of any clear medium genre. His works have been called an "Apocalyptic Opera" by the Financial Times. Looking at his work hits me outside of the realm of the intellect. I feel it in my belly. The work punches you in the gut. The symbols, from mythology, reflect my German European DNA.
My favorite piece was the lead books with wings on a giant plinth... a giant sandwich of rusty lead books and delicate metal folding chairs (almost bird-leg like) with soaring wings rising and filling the space. It is beautiful in both it's texture and symbolism.Don't miss checking this out yourself.
‘Anselm Kiefer: Paintings, Sculpture & Installation’ through April 30th, 2016
591 NW 27th St
Florida 33127
United Statest

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