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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stretching our hearts

Mixed media on paper, 2016
This February I will be taking a group of students to Haiti for three days. We will go to visit the St Thomas orphanage and Elementary school with art supplies ;-), sanitary supplies, clothing, and sports equipment. The school is over crowded and we hope to build another classroom, and eventually cover the cost of a teacher's annual salary. (They often go without pay.) There is so much to do, and my students are passionate about helping. They will assist the Haitian teachers with classes, and cultivate relationships with the students through art and games and conversation. Two years ago they helped dig and cap a filtered well for fresh water at the school. Then, last year, they helped fund a medical team to visit. There is no shortage of possibilities... just the funds to make it come true. A new policy at my school is making it harder to hold bake sales and ask for funds, so this group of students have created a gofundme campaign on their own. Please check it out, help if you can, and pass the link on. I promise 100% of all the money will go to the school in Lamecette, Haiti. Help us stretch the love and do our part, as lucky and entitled as we are, to raise others from poverty. Thanks- Tilly
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