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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Daisies and the Muse- at my mother's

Another small painting in my "Flower Suite". The paper measures 8 x 6 inches so the painted area is about 6 x 4 inches. Acrylic and collage. Daisies are my mother's favorite flowers. One of my sisters wondered aloud if she only said that because they were cheap and affordable for us as we were growing up. But mom just smiled in answer. I admit they are one of my favorite flowers as well. Especially when seen growing wild and spread out across a field.
Mom often brought puppies home from the pound. We grew up with dogs named "Black eyed susan" and "Daisy"...and there were "Daffodil" and "Begonia" and "Tulip". But I remember Daisy the best.
She saved my life. When we were living in Haiti my favorite game to play with my sisters was airline stewardess. We would set up an imaginary plane on the long steps and collect baggage from the storage room. Once I was searching for the perfect suitcase and I came across a plate of deliscious looking cake. Ready to scoop a finger full of it into my mouth, I was thwarted by quick moving Daisy. Later that night my father, who is a veterenarian, tried on the dining room table, with all sorts of IV's and blocks, to valiently save Daisies life. The cake had been rat poison.
After she died my sisters and I lay next to dad in the hammock and he explained to us that daisy was up in the stars now. So I still see the glittering love filled eyes of our beloved dachsund in the constellations...
My- how a painting can feel so loaded!
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