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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the Station Art's Map

Still not sure where the map will be placed- originally the commission was for a mural- then they took away the wall and it had to be self standing. Then it turned out that Metro North was in the midst of renovating the station, so they needed the self standing mural to be movable and easily dismantled and re-installed by union workers. It is now up to various committees- the railroad, the historic preservation society, the arts council, and the department of tourism. It could be placed out by the garage or in an empty side vestibule, or where they have boarded up access to track 5! Where ever it goes doesn't really matter to me much- the nature of it is that it can be relocated at any time. I am just anxious to start creating something that captures the whimsy of travel and the inspiration of the Dutchess County arts scene.
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