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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Udderly delish!

Driving to Millerton, and turning up Main Street always takes my breath away. Not only is the place beautiful but on the weekends there are tons of people. You can't find a parking spot and you have to drive at a crawl for fear someone will suddenly open their car door on you. Papa frank, my father-in-law, always says they must be giving away $20 bills. The store is hopping. everyone anticipates the opening of the new Card and Candy store. Poor Robin seems buried in lists.
I am getting a bit restless with this theme and my ability to turn the brush this way and today's painting of a cherry topped cow- they CAN look like vanilla ice cream with chocolate dribbles-was made with acrylic paint and the rubber cement resist. It challenges me to loose my control. Dive into the unknown, destroy the competant lines, bury and rub to reveal...
I think I am going to miss the store front. So many nice people have stopped by and chatted. There are a ton of artists, writiers and children in the area. It is a special place.
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