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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Steve, heavy heart

I have been struggling with making Valentines...nothing comes out right. And so I sent some lame store bought ones. There is nothing wrong with store bought cards- and these were "vintage". BUT it is... just... they don't convey as much, I feel, as my originals that are made per person in mind. Today I recieved a package from my friend Steve Dieckhoff (see website below) that had chocolate, and cartoons and fantastic art reviews and even an Xray valentine. And my friend Krisse sent me "chick magnets" and plant clippings from her tropical yard. And Julia called to tell me she starting to paint again. And my husband surprised me with an incredible solar powered watch. (Then the sweetie proceeded to call me every half hour to ask what time it was)
So I am blessed. Tomorrow I'll post some other valentines I've made...
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