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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dreamy cow again

Dreamy Cow and Dreamy boys
I think, for the next few days, I may be searching for the muse outside of my daily painting. For instance, the last two days I have painted daily and yet my heart and time have not been in it. And believe me, it shows. My heart and time is with my boys. The last two days Max and I had to do errands and we had a nice couple of lunches. One lunch at KJ's. I loved lingering over a sandwich and hearing about Max's vacation. He shopped for special gifts. Today we ran to the mall. In our efficiency we hit 8 stores and got art supplies, school supplies, clothes, shoes, bath supples, new pillows and a meal at the food court. Max had me laughing and listening. On the way home we saw the school church steeple marking the spot in the landscape where kent is. Across the sweeping vista and we sent blessings to Kent in the wind. The muse is with me and Max as we move through the day.
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