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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Train wreck, by committee

It's so hard to keep poise and positive when dealing with unreal and unrealistic beaurocracy. They are so indecisive. First it was a wall mural, then it had to be self standing, and NOW it is "a safety hazard" because it is self standing. Then, for fear it might be a tripping hazard, they want dimensions, and after they get them, they want ME to tell them the clearances- and I have to guess what the clearances have to be for code. And then, in the midst of it, our contact for the committee says he's going on vacation and won't be back until mid-April. So everything grinds to a halt. I had to cancel the welder. I am wiped out. I already bought and cut some of the wood for the main painting. But first, the barn is hard to heat- last night we worked in 40 degreeF and couldn't attempt to glue the map panels. Today- armed with kerosene, electric and wood burning heaters we got the area up to 70 degreesF and were able to glue one panel. Six hours later the glue was still gummy. Grinding halt...What a pain-in-the-neck.
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