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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shadows through the woods

I traveled to Pawling today and had lunch with Amy and Bibiana. we talked of those cycles inherent in a creative life where you flounder and ask," what is important? Why am I doing this? Does any of this matter?" They are hard questions, painful and often strike at the darkest hour. They are reflective questions artists bring to the larger society. Is it our role?
Funny, I haven't had those questions since starting my daily painting last fall. I wonder if the small steps, the motion of each exercise, keeps me feeling purposeful. I know some of the daily paintings are quiet silly, and weak, yet it feels so good to get them done and OUT.
Even though I haven't finished priming the map panels, I am getting a good visualization of the painting. I met with a group of artists and business people who want to promote art along the eastern corrider of the county. It struck me how rich in talent and ideas this area seems to be. By Friday I must visit Rhinebeck...
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