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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Here is a view from the port side of the ship. We stopped in a different island harbor everyday. I love the mix and match colors of the island homes. And the verandas, open windows and ceiling fans. One of these days I am going to settle on an island. Of the six islands we visited, each was amazingly different from it's neighbor. Some had absolutely no fresh water while their neighbor was covered in rain forests! Most were in a crisis as to the shifting status of their major industry/export. They can no longer compete in the sugar or banana production against the global corporate giants. Tourism has become a major economic factor in the islands- on the positive side it has provided sums and encouragement for environmental stewardship. In St. Lucia we visited the landfill, and a recycling center. In St. Martin we visited artist studios. In St Thomas we were hounded by vendors and bartenders. There was a different feel in each place.
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