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Monday, September 17, 2007

Emotional chicken coop issues=no art

My sons promised me, early in the summer, they'd build a chicken coop. It hasn't come to fruition, and over the weekend we settled on a mere renovation of an old rickety outhouse style up in the woods coop from YEARS ago. It was exhausting for all of us and thumbs were hammered, splinters acquired, and cuts gained as we bent old metal, straightened old fencing, applied new roofing, and tried to make something workable out of hodgepodge. It was a fairly short time till shoulders ached and tempers flared. Soon the boys were cursing the chickens and I was hiding my tears. We ended up hardly speaking and I want to give up. But I am playing my options over in my mind- I can get rid of the chickens- that would make everybody happy but me. I can hire someone to build me a coop- but I don't know that person, or I could buy a perfect size, tightly built shed on credit and have it delivered and convert it- a pretty grand plan... that might give me years of happiness...
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