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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mother Cow and calf #3

Today was a beautiful day- the light was unique- kind of fuzzy, bright, and overcast- the colors were luminous. Our brilliant fall season is about to really hit us- but right now there are hints of crimson and gold edges, flitters of yellow and purple froth. Of course I spent all of the morning and afternoon driving around and socializing, spreading the word about the upcoming Art Studio tours. I just snuck an hour to paint before my first student arrived, a quick set up out the back door of the barn. By the time I took the photograph the cows had vanished.
This evening I’ve promised a live hen to the Sharon Historical Society so that kids visiting the Barnyard Beauties Show can study, draw and paint it- I hope the rooster lets me…
THIS IS 7 X 11 INCHES ($50)
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