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Saturday, September 8, 2007

First egg

This morning we were surprised with the first sparkling pink egg- a month and a half earlier than expected. I cannot tell which of the five hens was the star producer- so I thanked them all. Such a sweet thing to find in the grass- newly hardened and a little bumpy- it symbolizes so many things- like a fresh start, a new idea, potential, rebirth, etc...
Today I delivered Kent, my first born son, to boarding school and even though I know it is a great place and that he enjoys being there- a part of me is sad. It really means a new begining for him. The egg seemed to be a reminder of what lays ahead. No time for the studio I had to use what was at hand- ink pen and a watercolor set. I am thinking of changing media- afterall- someone said- the mind needs to be rotated like crops. On paper 11 x 13 inches SOLD
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