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Friday, November 30, 2007

Pressure point symbols

PONDERING THE ECONOMY. Quandry #1: I worry that the first thing to be cut when budgets get tight is art dollars. So in an act of Voodou- (did I tell about growing up in Haiti?)- I am actively putting my dollars in the art world. Perhaps it will be a contageous act? I have decided to buy each of my neices and nephews a holiday gift of a work of art. Artists who I think will grow stronger and will be interesting for these little kids to keep an eye on surround me in my local community and on the web. It has been a TON of fun to view art with the eyes of each individual child. So far (I hope they aren't reading) I bought Jamie W. Grossman's miniature oil painting on easel of Bannerman Castle for Natalie, the 3 year old princess of Texas.
Quandry#2: I haven't wanted to sell my latest work. I think I need to reapproach the daily painting, create faster work for that in addition to the work I am not ready to let go of. I have been looking through old sketches of the cows and chickens...

This small painting is called "Acupuncture" in reference to my first experience with it...I slept on a bed of crushed quartz and while my blood seemed to sweep through my limbs, my mind pondered the begining of life. Acrylic on panel 10.5 x 9.25 inches.
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