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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some local scenery

I find having my husband off work, less daylight, and holiday chaos abounding that I am not painting every day now. Here are some of the works for sale at local venues. The Sharon Historical Society (SHS) has three or four of my sewn works, among them my sewn rose- which my son Max titled "Soft Landing". Liz Shapiro, the director of SHS, is very supportive of the arts and a magician at turning the museum into a community center. My "Paradise" depicts what I call the divorced hen- she has her own small pad, with TV dish and forgives the housework. Eight of my chicken paintings on wood are hanging near the window of the Riverwinds Gallery in Beacon. That gallery is run by four dynamic women who have a love of adventure and a tendency towards deep laughter. Also across the river from home at the GCCA gallery on mainstreet Catskill I have two of my February paintings of the farm.
Please support these places because they work hard to make art a center of the community, a part of the local economy, and a viable lifestyle for those creativly inclined. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
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