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Monday, November 19, 2007

SPIritual tool #2- focus

To focus on what is important you sometimes need input from others as well as time alone. I just got back from a meeting with 7 other women artists (Women Artists @ Work). The 3 hours we spend together once a month really lends clarity to the vision of myself as an artist. We support, encourage, listen, share, critique and inspire each other's work. The time we take to gather together acts as a balance to the time we must spend in isolation creating new works. Our group is special in that every one of the twelve of us is completely different, in our work as well as in the rhthym of our lives. When I tell them about my latest paintings they each have something unique to add to the dialogue.
Spiritual focus is a paradox. Like walking through a dark room, you see shapes more clearly when you avoid directing your glance anywhere specific.
I hear Steve is painting!
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