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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Put out for the Muse

Tomorrow is the birthday of Micah Condon who is the founder, mastermind, and maintenance man behind He has given a community of painters voice, cohesion, and inspiration for our passion. This cake is painted for him- "happy birthday Micah"!
Thinking about year end giving, and making an effort to help our communities- both local and global. I am glad I could help the North East Community Center (in my hometown) by volunteering last spring to help the after school kids paint a mural in their classroom, and I feel compelled to help the GCN (Girl Child Network) empower child victims of rape in Zimbabwe (where we were last December). SEE LIST OF LINKS BELOW TO HELP GIVE SOMETHING BACK...FOR EVERYONE
I know giving money isn't an option for all of us- In America 4% control 90% of the american wealth.
But giving back is part of my family culture going as far back as my great grandmother, Florence Call Cowles, who established the 1st farmers bank in rural Iowa. She bought a safe and loaned money for seed and equipment through initial interest free loans. She also repeatedly paid bail for Margaret Sanger.
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