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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sacred Day

5 x 7 inches
What makes a day more sacred than any other? Why did I greet the sunrise with a special sense of euphoria? Why do we decorate an ordinary tree? I was thinking, of course, of the calendar. My sister, who just arrived from the Pacific coast said she had been stunned by the phenomenal increase in the pull of the tides with the full moon. My sister from France said perhaps it was a sacred day just by taking the time to notice. She gave me a book called, The Difference a Day Makes, by Karen Jones. For today- I read: Curb your assumptions. Remember that not everyone celebrates the same holidays you do, whether for religious reasons, out of personal beliefs, or due to circumstances such as the passing of a parent...Plan with sensitivity.
"Karen M. Jones is a creative strategist, social entrepreneur, and founder of Benevolent Planet, a public resource providing practical strategies for socially conscious living. We all want to do our share in making the world a better place."
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