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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FRAMED paintings again

Lining up like little soldiers, these small works are individually put together on the whim of a salesman's idea that presentation makes the product. More fascinating (to me tonight) is the division of time that artists have to put in to successfully run an art studio. First you have to create unique and satisfying works of art. That, in itself, is a major source of energy and angst, as well as, if the Muse fits, pleasure and passion. Then you have to balance the cost of production, such as the supplies, rent, and intrinsic overhead. This requires the other side of the brain from the first task...a far cry from the romantic urge initiating the endeavor. Receipts and bills, log books, catalogues and homemade graphs clutter my desk. But one of my favorite challenges is to "package" the product or group a series so it is presentable to a community outside the studio. This combines both sides of the brain in tandem. Working with a statement of some sort, such as a news release, blog, promotional literature, an event has to be put together to increase exposure and chances of commercial trade. For a moment you either enjoy the limelight or bask in the echoes of a lonely hall- but either way you move through the process ONLY to create again... They never taught me this in art school.
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