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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Virginia Roses with Prince Charming

6 x 9 sewn paper
The Rosa Virginiana is described as growing with "an almost invasive rhythm. It is seen in meadows, vacant lots, ditches and even dumps." These roses were painted this summer as a hedgerow study. There is one week in June when the wild roses bloom, and the air smells sweet even when you are pricked in passing. When sewing the border, I had to throw in the Jack of Hearts for a bit of color and balance. A real farm girl, I still like a good fairy tale even though I am aware of the pitfalls and prickly realities of relationships.
Today I am hanging nine of my Ice Cream Sundae oil paintings in the window of LICK on Warren Street in Hudson. They will be up through the weekend! Come and have a taste.
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