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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Naked Chicken

I thought about writing more about fear of open studios...the vulnerability of creatives.
And yet- I found the cure! Nothing like a community awards event (the DCAC) to cure the ivory tower blues. Last night I met and heard artists from all over the county who had used their art to change the lives of those around them. An African american drummer working in the public schools and presenting poetry of 5th graders that reflected some of my deepest anxieties in the simplest and most melodious tune. A Chinese mother working to help her children's friends embrace and learn about different cultures...and then blossoming her project from story time and dumplings in the first grade to developing a chinese youth orchestra for the region. A latino artist working on a farm welding old machinery into sculpture and giving voice to the silent misunderstood migrant worker population. The list goes on. I was very moved and inspired by the event. Now is the time to be more generous in spite of growing fears- both real and unreal- that are thrown in our faces every day. Now is the time to look outside our studios and see what the community needs. Now is the time to lend our voices and increase the beauty and hope in this country.
Calling all artists to expose themselves! I could call this painting "Issues" reflecting the text in the corner. 12.5 x 10 inches
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