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Monday, October 6, 2008

Tea cup on sewn paper

SOLD- thanks R.L.
Had a wonderful reception at the Moviehouse studio gallery yesterday- I think close to 100 people showed up- it was packed and quiet energizing. As the dust settles I cannot help but wonder what we artists hope to do in this world. Are we just exhibitionists? Are we hoping to make the place a little more colorful? What kind of work would be made if it was never shown? I know I would make art regardless of a chance to show-it is part of what keeps me sane. But how important is it to have others see the work? To have people notice, comment, question it? To have a dialogue?
Well- it is something to think about over tea- and then I have to get busy. See the list sewn into this small painting? Small steps help me from being overwelmed- so today the goal is to frame 4 (of the 26) paintings and paint one chick ornament...and...and...and...
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