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Monday, February 2, 2009

February New England Blizzard

I was just warming my bones in Florida and now find I have to bare the skin to more winter storms. The house is under a blanket of white. The woods entice me as dark inky streaks with branches like hands patterning the sky. My family has needs. I wish there were signs of spring. I am trying to be hopeful. No word on the studio space in town. So I must be generous and creative. This painting, a mix of collage, paint, and ink on paper measures 15 x 9 inches. It is a form of manefesting reality. First I pretend to be generous and creative and then I become creative and generous! Not much is selling- but I keep making stuff anyway. I guess I would, no matter what- as long as I am alive. Painting serves me as a form of meditation, lucid dreaming, manifestation, and study. It answers me with clues as to why I am here, what I am supposed to be doing, and how to do it. That is the Muse.
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