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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The chicks are in

THE CHICKS ARE in the store! (This is a quick sketch). It's still 32 degrees outside but hope springs eternal.
There is good energy in the world.
When I look at these little guys I make a conscious decision to be joyful. Their curiosity and rapid growth invites respect for the living energy of spring. Living in the country means the signs of new life are everywhere visible. My tulips are about to burst through the brown leaves. My dad stares in wonder at his fields and sees a new calf every day. The neighbor's sheep nurse lambs on each teat. My sons are jumping out of their skins and lacrosse sticks, gloves, and heads adorn every particle of furniture. Soon I will spend weekday afternoons in the thawing landscape applauding each attempt to score or win a face off. Wistful of how fast my sons have grown, I enjoyed the attentions of my four year old niece at lunch. My little nephew, her brother, was baptized today. As a witness, I promised to steer him, whenever possible, towards love and life energizing harmony. It's time to smile.

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