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Friday, April 17, 2009

The wings of collaboration

It's absolutely brilliant to collaborate with another artist. You get such inspiration and energy from it. Here is how it has gone:
-started with an idea such as- why not an egg and nest? (the contest theme was "new life")
-which led to how about suspending the egg in space and creating a peep hole to look inside it? (we are admirers of Robert Taplin's latest show)
-lets paper mache the egg with maps (after all I have lots of them and assume a new life means a journey)
-lets have the nest twigs also become roads that spread out
- let the twig/roads expand to become wings along the side walls
- what is inside the egg?
- how about a dove!
-why bother with the egg at all?
-lets make a really really big dove!

So here goes!
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